I began my career in 2001 making documentaries for government-run projects, local councils and think tanks, before taking on the role of Creative at MTV Networks.


Since then I’ve gone on to work for a host of TV channels such as Channel 4, Nickelodeon, Sky, BBC and others, as well as work for top creative agencies and corporate brands including EE, HASBRO, CO-OP and many more.


Selected Work




Daniel Fagerson

"Shabazz is the sort of editor you want on your team. He grafts, he creatively enquires and he constantly searches for the heart of the story. Shabazz is as comfortable taking the lead as he is taking direction and has the intelligence and humility to know when to step up and when to step back. His love of emotional story telling makes him as versatile cutting a heart warming Channel 4 documentary as it does finding the narrative arc in a 30's TV commercial. We worked together everyday for four years and it was always a pleasure to be greeted by his warm smile in the morning and challenged by his keen mind throughout the day."

- Founder, Director, SALT TV -